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ˌEuropean Comˈmission, the (also the Commission)

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ˌEuropean Comˈmission, the (also the Commission)
a group of officials, chosen by the countries in the EU (=European Union), who suggest plans for the EU, carry out decisions that the EU has made, and make sure that the EU's laws are obeyed. Members of the European Commission are not elected, and some people think they have too much power.

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European Commission
One of the five major institutions of the European Community, the Commission is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Treaty of Rome and Community rules and obligations; submission of proposals to the Council of Ministers; execution of the Council's decisions; reconciliation of disagreements among Council members; administration of EC policies, such as the Common Agricultural Policy and coal and steel policies; taking necessary legal action against firms or member governments; and representing the Community in trade negotiations with non-member countries.

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