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Friday /ˈfraɪdi, -deɪ/ noun [uncountable and countable] (written abbreviation Fri.)

ادینه ، جمعه
Friday /ˈfraɪdi, -deɪ/ noun [uncountable and countable] (written abbreviation Fri.)
[Language: Old English; Origin: frigedæg 'day of Frigg, female god of love']
the day between Thursday and Saturday
on Friday
It’s Kate’s birthday on Friday.
Diane won’t be here Friday. American English
Friday morning/afternoon etc
Can you meet me Friday morning?
last Friday
I had a terrible time last Friday.
this Friday
We’re flying to Vienna this Friday.
next Friday (=Friday of next week)
Her appointment is next Friday.
a Friday (=one of the Fridays in the year)
We got married on a Friday.

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