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-i /-i/ (plural -is) suffix
I /aɪ/ pronoun [used as the subject of a verb]
I , i /aɪ/ noun (plural I’s, i’s)
i- /aɪ/ prefix [in nouns]

(د). اول شخص مفرد ، من (درحال مفعولی me گفته میشود) ، نهمین حرف الفبای انگلیسی ، الکترونیک: شدت جریان
الکترونیک: شدت جریان ، الکترونیک(: د ).اول شخص مفرد، من( درحال مفعولی me گفته میشود)، نهمین حرف الفبای انگلیسی

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-i /-i/ (plural -is) suffix

1. [in nouns] a person from a particular country or place, or their language:
two Pakistanis
speakers of Hindi

2. [in adjectives] of a particular place or country:
Bengali food
the Israeli army

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I. I1 S1 W1 /aɪ/ pronoun [used as the subject of a verb]
[Language: Old English; Origin: ic]
used by the person speaking or writing to refer to himself or herself:
I moved to this city six years ago.
I’m not late again, am I?
My husband and I enjoy going to the theatre.

Do not say 'than I'. Say than me or than I am/do/have etc:
They were older than me OR than I was.
Do not say 'I and Sarah/my friends etc'. Say Sarah/my friends etc and I:
In 1972, James and I moved to Tallahassee.

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II. I2 , i /aɪ/ noun (plural I’s, i’s)

1. [uncountable and countable] the ninth letter of the English alphabet

2. [countable] the number one in the system of roman numerals

3. I-25, I-40 etc the name of an interstate (=important road between states in the US)

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i- /aɪ/ prefix [in nouns]
used in the names of some products or services that involve using the Internet:
iTunes (=trademark for a service allowing you to buy music over the Internet)

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BAD: I and some of my classmates publish a monthly magazine.
GOOD: Some of my classmates and I publish a monthly magazine.

Usage Note:
Someone and I (NOT I and someone): 'My husband and I belong to a diving club.'

BAD: She is one year younger than I.
GOOD: She is one year younger than I am.
GOOD: She is one year younger than me.

Usage Note:
In comparisons use than me/him/her/us/them (object pronouns) or than I am/he is/she is/we are/they are : 'You're stronger than him.' 'You're stronger than he is.'

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One (Roman numeral)

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