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Internet , internet /ˈɪntənet $ -tər-/ noun

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Synonyms: information superhighway, cyberspace, the net (informal), the web (informal), World Wide Web

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Internet S2 W2 , internet /ˈɪntənet $ -tər-/ noun
the Internet a computer system that allows millions of computer users around the world to exchange information:
Do you have access to the Internet?
on the Internet
You can find all kinds of information on the internet.

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ADJ. wireless
VERB + INTERNET access, go on, use She likes to go on the Internet in the evenings.
INTERNET + NOUN site, website | portal | bulletin board, chat room | magazine | auction, broadcast, link Thousands logged on to view the live Internet broadcast of the concert. The auction was held in Paris with an Internet link to New York.
cafe Travellers can check their email at the Internet cafe in the square.
domain Registering an Internet domain name is now an essential part of setting up a company.
access, usage, use unlimited/unmetered Internet access
connection a broadband/high-speed Internet connection
search engine, (service) provider | customer, user | traffic the laying of fast networks to carry Internet traffic
brand, group | services | arm, division, operation, subsidiary the bank's Internet arm
entrepreneur | analyst, expert | banking, betting, dating, shopping | bank, bookie/bookmaker, business, company, firm, retailer, start-up, venture | industry, sector | fraud | security | economy | file software for downloading Internet files
image | software | technology | age issues facing the music industry in the Internet age
boom, revolution Many of the sites launched at the peak of the Internet boom have now disappeared.
PREP. on the ~ More and more people are shopping on the Internet.
 ⇒ Special page at COMPUTER

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use the Internet
More and more companies are using the Internet to conduct their business.
go on the Internet
I went on the Internet to find some information for my assignment.
access the Internet/connect to the Internet
You can access the Internet from your mobile phone.
surf the Internet (=look at different websites)
She spends hours surfing the Internet every evening.
download something from the Internet
I downloaded the file from the Internet.
buy something on the Internet
He bought the chairs on the Internet.
an Internet connection
a high-speed Internet connection
Internet access
Not everyone has Internet access at home.
an Internet address (=the address of a website)
The company charges $100 to register a new internet address.
an Internet service provider (=a company that allows you to connect to the Internet)
Your Internet service provider should be able to solve the problem.
Internet shopping/banking
The new regulations will increase customer confidence in Internet shopping.
Internet banking saves customers a lot of time.
an Internet user
The number of Internet users is doubling every six months.
Internet use
The software allows parents to control children’s Internet use.
Internet traffic (=the number of people using the Internet)
An estimated 40% of the nation’s Internet traffic begins or ends in California.
Internet dating (=using the Internet to meet people for a romantic relationship)
Internet dating websites are becoming increasingly popular.
an Internet café (=a café with computers, where people can pay to use the Internet)
The message had been sent from an Internet café in Leeds.

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