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music /ˈmjuːzɪk/ noun [uncountable]

موزیک ، موسیقی ، اهنگ ، خنیا ، رامشگری ، علوم نظامی: در رهگیری هوایی به معنی پخش پارازیت در دستگاههای الکترونیکی است
الکترونیک: در رهگیری هوایی به معنی پخش پارازیت در دستگاههای الکترونیکی است ، علوم نظامی: موزیک ، موسیقی ، اهنگ ، خنیا، رامشگری کامپیوتر: موزیک - آهنگ

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Synonyms: din, babel, clamor, hubbub, hullabaloo, jangle, pandemonium, racket, tumult, uproar
English Thesaurus: music, tune, melody, harmony, piece, ...

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music S1 W1 /ˈmjuːzɪk/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: music, musical, musician, musicianship, musicology, musicologist; adjective: musical, unmusical; adverb: musically]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: musique, from Latin, from Greek mousike 'art of the Muses', from Mousa; muse2]

1. a series of sounds made by instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or exciting:
I often listen to classical music when I’m in the car.
A new piece of music was specially written for the occasion.

2. the art of writing or playing music:
Peter’s studying music at college.
music lessons
music business/industry etc
a career in the music business

3. a set of written marks representing music, or paper with the written marks on it:
I left my music at home.
McCartney never learned to read music.sheet music

4. be music to your ears if someone’s words are music to your ears, they make you very happy or pleased

5. set/put something to music to write music so that the words of a poem, play etc can be sung
face the music at face2(7)

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I. arrangement of sounds for singing/playing
ADJ. beautiful, good, great, wonderful | loud | quiet, soft, sweet The soft background music made her feel sleepy.
heavy Heavy music thundered from the basement.
light | serious | tonal | atonal, twelve-note | contrapuntal, polyphonic | original | live | recorded, taped | background | piped | band, choral, instrumental, orchestral, symphonic | guitar, keyboard, organ, piano, vocal, etc. | chamber | church, liturgical, religious, sacred | secular | ballet, film, incidental, theme the incidental music for a radio play
computer, electronic | Western | traditional | period Appropriate period music can be played on visits to a historic building.
experimental | avant-garde, Baroque, classical, contemporary, early, medieval, modern | black, calypso, country, dance, disco, ethnic, folk, gospel, indie, jazz, pop/popular, rap, rave, reggae, rock, soul, underground, world
QUANT. piece | bar, line
VERB + MUSIC listen to Listening to music is a great way to relax.
hear She could hear music coming from the upstairs flat.
make, perform, play We love to make music as a family.
play, put on Put some music on, would you? (= play a CD/cassette) | turn down/up Could you turn that music down?
compose, write | arrange | put/set sth to Schubert set several poems by Goethe to music.
create, produce With the guidance of the conductor, an orchestra creates music and harmonies. The city has produced a lot of good music.
provide a beach party with music provided by a local band
broadcast | record | be into, enjoy, like, love She's really into rock music.
get into He got into music (= became involved in the music business) by chance.
MUSIC + VERB play Calypso music played faintly in the distance.
blare, thunder disco music blaring out of the open windows of a car
come, drift The music was coming from next door.
MUSIC + NOUN business, industry | scene Birmingham's live music scene
world She is a rising star in the music world.
press The album has been praised in the music press.
charts The band are number one in the music charts.
festival | appreciation | fan, lover | critic, director, teacher the choir's music director
group | centre We bought a new television and music centre at the weekend.
video | room
PREP. to (the) ~ to dance to the music
PHRASES in time to (the) music They did their exercises in time to the music.
music and song an evening of Scottish music and song
the sound of music The sound of pop music drifted through the open window.
a style of music, taste in music Her taste in music was wide.
words and music He made up the words and music for the song.
 ⇒ Note at SUBJECT (for more verbs and nouns)

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II. written signs that represent musical sounds
ADJ. printed, sheet
QUANT. bar, line, sheet
VERB + MUSIC read Can you read music?
MUSIC + NOUN score | stand Put your music on the music stand.
publisher, publishing
PREP. ~ for music for piano, cello and voice
PHRASES play/sing, etc. with/without (the) music

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listen to music
Ella was listening to music on her iPod.
play music
A small band was playing jazz music.
write/compose music
He composed the music for the 'Lord of the Rings' films.
make music (=play or compose music)
We began making music together about five years ago.
They were kept awake by loud music from next door.
pop/rock/classical etc music
Johnny Cash was one of country music’s greatest stars.
live music (=played by musicians on stage)
Most of the bars have live music.
recorded music
Live music can sound very different from recorded music.
background music (=that you hear but do not listen to)
the soft background music in the restaurant
choral music (=sung by choirs)
We perform a wide variety of choral music.
instrumental music (=with no singing)
a programme of instrumental music
chamber music (=classical music played by a small group of musicians)
a performance of Schumann’s chamber music
orchestral music (=classical music played by a large group of musicians)
He has a large CD collection, mostly orchestral music.
piano/organ music
I love listening to piano music.
a music lover
Her recordings delighted music lovers.
a piece of music
It’s a beautiful piece of music.

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BAD: Nowadays I prefer classical musics.
GOOD: Nowadays I prefer classical music.
BAD: Are we allowed to play a pop music?
GOOD: Are we allowed to play pop music?

Usage Note:
Music is an uncountable noun: 'Her hobbies are gardening and music.'

BAD: After leaving school, he joined a music band.
GOOD: After leaving school, he joined a band.

Usage Note:
(jazz/rock) band or (pop/rock) group (NOT music band ): 'The band's new album has just been released.'

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See: face the music

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