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march /mɑːtʃ $ mɑːrtʃ/ verb
march noun [countable]

راهپیمایی کردن ، قدم رو کردن موزیک نظامی ، راه پیمایی ، قدم برداری ، گام نظامی ، موسیقی نظامی یا مارش ، سیر ، روش ، ماه مارس ، راه پیمایی کردن ، قدم رو کردن ، نظامی وار راه رفتن ، پیشروی کردن ، تاختن بر ، ورزش: پیش روی گام به گام شمشیرباز ، علوم نظامی: راهپیمایی
- walk, file, pace, parade, stride, strut
- walk, routemarch, trek
- progress, advance, development, evolution, progression
Related Words: boundary, periphery, territory, outlands, provinces, fringe, hem, rim, skirt, extend, parallel
English Thesaurus: complaint, make a complaint, complaint about, formal complaint, letters of complaint, ...

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March noun [uncountable and countable] (written abbreviation Mar.)
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin martius, from martius 'of Mars, god of war']
the third month of the year, between February and April
next/last March
She started work here last March.
in March
The theatre opened in March 2001.
on March 6th
There’s a meeting on March 6th.
on 6th March British English:
I wrote to my bank on 6th March.
March 6 American English:
The hospital is scheduled to open March 6.

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I. march1 W2 /mɑːtʃ $ mɑːrtʃ/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: marchier 'to step heavily']

1. [intransitive] if soldiers or other people march somewhere, they walk there quickly with firm regular steps
march across/along/past etc
On 29 August the royal army marched into Inverness.
We marched 50 km across the foothills.
march on
He gathered his troops and prepared to march on the capital (=march to the capital in order to attack it).
Quick march! (=an order to tell people to start marching)

2. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if a large group of people march somewhere, they walk there together to express their ideas or protest about something:
An estimated 5,000 people marched through the city to demonstrate against the factory closures.
march on
Outraged citizens marched on City Hall (=marched to City Hall), demanding the police chief’s resignation.

3. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to walk somewhere quickly and with determination, often because you are angry
march off/out etc
Brett marched out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

4. [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to force someone to walk somewhere with you, often pushing or pulling them roughly
march somebody to/into etc something
Mr Carter marched us to the principal’s office.

5. be given/get your marching orders British English informal to be ordered to leave, especially because someone no longer wants you to work for them or no longer wants a relationship with you

6. time marches on used to say that as time goes by, situations change and things do not remain the same

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II. march2 W3 noun [countable]

1. an organized event in which many people walk together to express their ideas or protest about something:
The police decided not to ban the march.
protest/civil rights/peace etc march
I went on a lot of peace marches when I was a student.

2. when soldiers walk with firm regular steps from one place to another:
The general led his forces on a long march southwards.

3. on the march
a) an army that is on the march is marching somewhere
b) a belief, idea etc that is on the march is becoming stronger and more popular:
Fascism is on the march again in some parts of Europe.

4. a day’s march/two weeks’ march etc the distance a group of soldiers can march in a particular period of time:
Lake Van was still three days’ march away.

5. the march of time/history/progress etc formal the way that things happen or change over time and cannot be stopped:
You can’t control the march of science.
She was desperate to halt the march of time upon her face and figure.

6. a piece of music for people to march to:
military marches
a funeral march

7. marches [plural] the area around the border between England and Wales or between England and Scotland
steal a march on at steal1(8)

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I. movement/journey
ADJ. long | brisk | steady | forced | approach They reached the enemy position after an arduous approach march.
fifty-mile, four-day, etc. | two hours, half a day's, etc. The camp was half a day's march away.
northward, southward, etc. | forward, onward (figurative) the forward march of technology
inevitable, inexorable (figurative) the inexorable march of time
VERB + MARCH begin, set off on The army set off on a forced march towards Berlin.
PREP. on the ~ The army has been on the march for two weeks
~ from the march from Paris to Brittany
~ of a march of over 30 miles (figurative) the march of history/progress/science
~ to, ~ towards (figurative) the steady march towards equality
PHRASES line of march Villages in the army's line of march were burned to the ground.
a … march away The border was still a day's march away.
the march eastward, westward, etc.

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II. organized walk
ADJ. hunger, peace, protest, victory | anti-racism, pro-democracy, etc.
VERB + MARCH hold, organize, stage | lead | be on, go on, join in, take part in | halt, stop The farmers halted the march outside the Ministry of Agriculture.
break up The march was broken up by police in riot gear.
MARCH + VERB mark sth a march marking the thirtieth anniversary of the shootings
PREP. at/on a/the ~ There were in excess of 100,000 people at the march.
~ against a march against racism
~ for a march for the victims of the war
~ from, ~ of a march of over 6,000 people
~ to
PHRASES a march past There will be a special march past of competitors.

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III. music
ADJ. military | funeral, wedding
VERB + MARCH compose | play | strike up The orchestra struck up a military march.

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I. walk with regular steps
ADV. briskly, swiftly | boldly | purposefully | inexorably (figurative) Time marches inexorably on and we still have not made a decision.
north, south, etc. | ahead, away, back, forward, off, on, out, over, past, up (and down) Craig marched up to the front door and rang the bell. Soldiers were marching up and down outside the government buildings.
PREP. from, into, on The invading army marched on Rome.
out of So saying, she marched boldly out of the house.
through, to They marched all the way from London to Edinburgh.
PHRASES march in step conscripts learning to march in step (= in time with each other)

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II. walk in a large group to protest about sth
ADV. peacefully
PREP. for marching for peace
in support of protesters marching in support of the students' demands
on The demonstrators marched on the Italian embassy.
through marching peacefully through the town centre
to, towards

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See: mad as a hatter or mad as a march hare

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