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Mr , Mr. /ˈmɪstə $ -ər/

Synonyms: husband, hubby, lord, man, master, mister, old man

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Mr British English, Mr. American English /ˈmɪstə $ -ər/

1. used before a man’s family name to be polite when you are speaking to him, writing to him, or talking about him:
Mr Smith is the headteacher.
Mr. John Smith
Mr and Mrs Smith

2. used when speaking to a man in an official position:
Mr Chairman
Mr. Presidentmadam(3)

3. Mr Right a man who would be the perfect husband for a particular woman:
She’s finally found Mr. Right.

4. Mr Big informal the leader or most important person in a group, especially a criminal group

5. Mr Clean informal someone who is honest and always obeys the law

6. Mr Sarcasm/Mr Messy/Mr Forgetful etc spoken used humorously to say that someone has a particular quality or behaves in a particular way:
I don’t think we need any comments from Mr Sarcasm here.
no more Mr Nice Guy! at guy(5)

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BAD: Our English teacher is called Mr John.
GOOD: Our English teacher is called Mr (John) Smith.

Usage Note:
Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (+ first name) + surname: 'Mrs Waters', 'Mr Clive Upton'

BAD: Dear Mr,
GOOD: Dear Sir,
BAD: Dear Mr/Mrs,
GOOD: Dear Sir/Madam,

Usage Note:
When you are writing a formal letter and you know the surname of the addressee, begin Dear Mr Smith, Dear Mrs Jones, Dear Ms Simpson etc. When you do not know the person's surname, begin Dear Sir, Dear Madam or Dear Sir/Madam .

BAD: Dear Mr Alan Jones,
GOOD: Dear Mr Jones,

Usage Note:
Dear is followed by Mr/Mrs/Ms + surname only (NOT first name + surname): 'Dear Mrs Jackson'

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