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Saturday /ˈsætədi, -deɪ $ -ər-/ noun [uncountable and countable] (written abbreviation Sat.)

روز شنبه
Saturday /ˈsætədi, -deɪ $ -ər-/ noun [uncountable and countable] (written abbreviation Sat.)
[Date: 800-900; Origin: Translation of Latin Saturni dies 'day of Saturn']
the day between Friday and Sunday
on Saturday
We went for a picnic on Saturday.
The festivities begin Saturday. American English
Saturday morning/afternoon etc
They arrived in Paris on Saturday evening.
last Saturday
I saw Sally last Saturday at the mall.
this Saturday
What are you doing this Saturday?
next Saturday (=Saturday of next week)
Ask her yourself next Saturday.
a Saturday (=one of the Saturdays in the year)
It was a crazy idea to go to the store on a Saturday.

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