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abashed /əˈbæʃt/ adjective [not before noun]

abash: شرمنده کردن ، خجالت دادن ، دست پاچه نمودن
Synonyms: embarrassed, ashamed, chagrined, disconcerted, dismayed, humiliated, mortified, shamefaced, taken aback

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abashed /əˈbæʃt/ adjective [not before noun] written
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: abair 'to surprise greatly', from esbair, from baer 'to have the mouth wide open']
embarrassed or ashamed because you have done something wrong or stupid Synonym : shamefaced:
She looked rather abashed.

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VERBS be, look
ADV. a little, slightly | suitably He glanced at Juliet accusingly and she looked suitably abashed.

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