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abide /əˈbaɪd/ verb

Irregular Forms: (abode)

ایستادگی کردن ، پایدارماندن ، ماندن ، ساکن شدن ، منزل کردن ، ایستادن ، منتظر شدن ، وفا کردن ، تاب اوردن
Synonyms: tolerate, accept, bear, endure, put up with, stand, suffer
Antonyms: depart, pass
Contrasted words: go, leave, quit, move, remove, shift, avoid, elude, escape, evade
Related Idioms: put up with
Related Words: adhere, cleave, cling, stick, dwell, live, reside, linger, exist, subsist, accept, receive, accede, consent

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abide /əˈbaɪd/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: abidan, from bidan; bide]

1. somebody can’t abide somebody/something used to say that someone dislikes someone or something very much:
I can’t abide that man – he’s so self-satisfied.

2. (past tense abode /əˈbəʊd $ əˈboʊd/) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] old use to live somewhere
abide by something phrasal verb
to accept and obey a decision, rule, agreement etc, even though you may not agree with it:
You have to abide by the referee’s decision.

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