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abolish /əˈbɒlɪʃ $ əˈbɑː-/ verb [transitive]

برانداختن ، ازمیان بردن ، منسوخ کردن
Synonyms: do away with, annul, cancel, destroy, eliminate, end, eradicate, put an end to, quash, rescind, revoke, stamp out
Antonyms: establish
Contrasted words: conserve, preserve, save, keep, retain, found, institute
Related Idioms: bring to naught, make void, set aside
Related Words: cancel, disallow, disannul, repeal, rescind, revoke, vacate

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abolish /əˈbɒlɪʃ $ əˈbɑː-/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: abolir, from Latin abolere, probably from abolescere 'to disappear']
to officially end a law, system etc, especially one that has existed for a long time:
Slavery was abolished in the US in the 19th century.

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ADV. altogether, completely, totally Some MPs want to abolish the tax altogether.
virtually | largely Foreign exchange controls were largely abolished.
VERB + ABOLISH seek to | decide to, vote to

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