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abortion /əˈbɔːʃən $ əˈbɔːr-/ noun

سقط جنین ، بچه اندازی ، سقط نوزاد نارس یا رشد نکرده ، عدم تکامل ، قانون ـ فقه: اسقاط جنین ، روانشناسی: سقط جنین
پزشکی: سقط ، سقط نوزاد نارس زیست شناسی: حضور جنین مرده، عدم تکامل جنین. سقط جنین

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Synonyms: termination, deliberate miscarriage, miscarriage

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abortion /əˈbɔːʃən $ əˈbɔːr-/ noun
[uncountable and countable] a medical operation to end a pregnancy so that the baby is not born alive Synonym : termination:
She decided to have an abortion.
anti-abortion campaigners

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ADJ. back-street, illegal | legal | induced, spontaneous, therapeutic
VERB + ABORTION have When she got pregnant at 16 she decided to have an abortion.
carry out, do (informal), perform Some nurses wanted the right to refuse to perform abortions.
ABORTION + NOUN law, legislation the country's strict abortion laws
clinic, counselling
PREP. ~ on He carried out an abortion on a fifteen-year-old girl.
PHRASES abortion on demand (= the right to have an abortion if you want one) Women's groups are calling for free contraception and abortion on demand.

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