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abroad /əˈbrɔːd $ əˈbrɒːd/ adverb

پهن ، گسترش یافته ، وسیع ، بیرون ، خارج از کشور ، ممالک بیگانه
Synonyms: overseas, in foreign lands, out of the country

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abroad S2 W3 /əˈbrɔːd $ əˈbrɒːd/ adverb
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: abroad 'over a wide area' (13-21 centuries), from broad]

1. in or to a foreign country:
I’ve never lived abroad before.
She often goes abroad on business.
We never travelled abroad when we were kids.
goods imported from abroad
The books about Harry Potter have been very popular, both at home and abroad.

2. formal if a feeling, piece of news etc is abroad, a lot of people feel it or know about it:
commercial secrets which we did not want to be spread abroad

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BAD: Since I was small, I've always wanted to go to abroad.
GOOD: Since I was small, I've always wanted to go abroad.
BAD: I would like to continue my studies in abroad.
GOOD: I would like to continue my studies abroad.

Usage Note:
go/live/be abroad (WITHOUT to, at, in etc)
The only preposition that is used before abroad is from : 'She came back from abroad saying how much she had missed her home and family.'

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