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abscond /əbˈskɒnd, æb- $ æbˈskɑːnd/ verb [intransitive]

گریختن ، فرار کردن ، دررفتن ، رونشان ندادن ، روپنهان کردن ، پنهان شدن
Synonyms: flee, clear out, disappear, escape, make off, run off, steal away
Antonyms: give (oneself) up
Contrasted words: render, surrender, yield
Related Idioms: do the disappearing act, skip out, take French leave
Related Words: go, leave, quit, withdraw
English Thesaurus: escape, get away, break free/break away, flee, get out, ...

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abscond /əbˈskɒnd, æb- $ æbˈskɑːnd/ verb [intransitive] formal
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: abscondere, from abs- 'away' + condere 'to hide']

1. to escape from a place where you are being kept
abscond from
The boy absconded from a children’s home.

2. to secretly leave somewhere, taking with you something that does not belong to you
abscond with
He has to convince a judge that he wasn’t going to abscond with the money.

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