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absolutely /ˈæbsəluːtli, ˌæbsəˈluːtli/ adverb

مطاقا" ، کاملا" ، مستبدانه
Synonyms: totally, completely, entirely, fully, one hundred per cent, perfectly, utterly, wholly

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absolutely S1 W3 /ˈæbsəluːtli, ˌæbsəˈluːtli/ adverb

1. completely and in every way:
He made his reasons for resigning absolutely clear.
Are you absolutely sure?
This cake is absolutely delicious.

2. used to emphasize something:
The burglars took absolutely everything.
Jim knew absolutely nothing about the business when he joined the firm.
He has absolutely no experience of marketing.

3. absolutely not! spoken used when you strongly disagree with someone or when you do not want someone to do something:
‘Do you let your kids travel alone at night?’ ‘Absolutely not!’

4. absolutely! spoken used to say that you completely agree with someone

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BAD: It is absolutely important that you see a doctor immediately.
GOOD: It is very important that you see a doctor immediately.
GOOD: It is absolutely essential that you see a doctor immediately.

Usage Note:
See note at VERY 4 (very)

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