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absorb /əbˈsɔːb, əbˈzɔːb $ -ɔːrb/ verb [transitive]

مکیدن ، درکشیدن ، دراشامیدن ، جذب کردن ، فراگرفتن ، جذب شدن (غدد) ، کاملا فروبردن ، تحلیل بردن ، مستغرق بودن ، مجذوب شدن در ، علوم مهندسی: اشامیدن

: absorb (to)

معماری: جذب کردن
زیست شناسی: جذب کردن یا داخل شدن یک ماده به داخل دیگری، بعنوان مثال جوهر خشک کن که جوهر را جذب می کند. در گیاه شناسی: جذب کردن آب و مواد مغذی

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- soak up, consume, digest, imbibe, incorporate, receive, suck up, take in
- preoccupy, captivate, engage, engross, fascinate, rivet
Antonyms: exude, give out, dissipate (as time, attention)
Contrasted words: disgorge, eject, expel, vomit, discharge, eliminate, emit, give off, pass, diffuse, disperse, scatter
Related Words: embody, imbue, impregnate, infuse, permeate, concern, engage, immerse, involve, preoccupy

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absorb W3 /əbˈsɔːb, əbˈzɔːb $ -ɔːrb/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: absorber, from Latin absorbere, from ab- 'away' + sorbere 'to suck up']

1. LIQUID/GAS to take in liquid, gas, or another substance from the surface or space around something:
Plants absorb nutrients from the soil.
absorb something into something
Water and salts are absorbed into our blood stream.

2. INFORMATION to read or hear a large amount of new information and understand it:
Her capacity to absorb information is amazing.

3. INTEREST to interest someone so much that they do not pay attention to other things:
The movement and noise of the machines absorbed him completely.
be absorbed in something
Judith lay on the settee, absorbed in her book.

4. BECOME PART OF SOMETHING to become part of something larger:
California absorbs many of the legal immigrants to the US.
be absorbed into something
We were soon absorbed into local village life.

5. LIGHT/HEAT/ENERGY/NOISE if something absorbs light, heat, energy, or noise, it takes it in:
Darker surfaces absorb heat.

6. DEAL WITH CHANGE/COSTS if something absorbs changes or costs, it accepts them and deals with them successfully:
The beer industry had absorbed a doubling of federal tax in 1991.

7. MONEY/TIME if something absorbs money, time etc, it uses a lot of it:
Defence spending absorbs almost 20% of the country’s wealth.

8. FORCE to reduce the effect of a sudden violent movement:
A well-designed sports shoe should absorb the impact on your feet.

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I. liquid/gas/energy, etc.
ADV. quickly, rapidly | directly, easily, readily
PREP. into Nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

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II. make part of sth larger
ADV. gradually | increasingly
PHRASES be absorbed into sth These committees were gradually absorbed into the local government machine.

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III. information/atmosphere
ADV. easily, readily The information is presented so that it can be readily absorbed.

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IV. interest
ADV. completely, totally, utterly His work absorbed him completely.

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