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abstracted /əbˈstræktəd, əbˈstræktɪd, æb-/ adjective

مجزا ، پریشان خیال ، مختصر
Synonyms: absent, absentminded, bemused, distrait, faraway, inconscient, lost, preoccupied
Antonyms: alert
Contrasted words: attentive, vigilant, watchful, wide-awake, noticing, noting, observant, seeing
Related Idioms: in a brown study, lost in thought, lost to the world
Related Words: engrossed, intent, rapt, oblivious, unmindful, unminding, heedless, inattentive

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abstracted /əbˈstræktəd, əbˈstræktɪd, æb-/ adjective
not noticing anything around you because you are thinking carefully about something else
—abstractedly adverb

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