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accent /ˈæksənt $ ˈæksent/ noun [countable]
accent /əkˈsent $ ˈæksent/ verb [transitive]

(n.) تکیه ء صدا ، علامت تکیه ء صدا (بدین شکل) ' ، لهجه ، طرز قرائت ، قوت ، تشدید ، (در شعر) مد(madd) ، صدا یا اهنگ اکسان (فرانسه)
(vt.) با تکیه تلفظ کردن ، تکیه دادن ، تاکید کردن ، اهمیت دادن ، کامپیوتر: اکسان
الکترونیک: تکیه ، تاکید ، اکسان ، کامپیوتر :)n.(: تکیه ی صدا، علامت تکیه ی صدا(بدین شکل)'، لهجه ، طرز قرایت ، تلفظ، قوت ، تاکید، تشدید،( در شعر )مد)madd(، صدا یا اهنگ اکسان(فرانسه)، :)vt.( با تکیه تلفظ کردن ، تکیه دادن ، تاکید کردن ، اهمیت دادن

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- pronunciation, articulation, brogue, enunciation, inflection, intonation, modulation, tone
- emphasis, beat, cadence, force, pitch, rhythm, stress, timbre
- emphasize, accentuate, stress, underline, underscore
Related Words: cadence, meter, rhythm, beat, pulsation, pulse, throb
English Thesaurus: dialect, accent, slang, terminology, jargon, ...

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I. accent1 /ˈæksənt $ ˈæksent/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: Latin accentus, from ad- 'to' + cantus 'song']

1. the way someone pronounces the words of a language, showing which country or which part of a country they come from ⇒ dialect:
He had a strong Irish accent

2. the accent is on something if the accent is on a particular quality, feeling etc, special importance is given to it:
accommodation with the accent on comfort

3. the part of a word that you should emphasize when you say it Synonym : stress
accent on
In the word ‘dinner’ the accent is on the first syllable.

4. a written mark used above or below particular letters in some languages to show how to pronounce that letter

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II. accent2 /əkˈsent $ ˈæksent/ verb [transitive]

1. to make something more noticeable so that people will pay attention to it Synonym : highlight:
Use make-up to accent your cheekbones and eyes.

2. technical to emphasize a part of a word in speech

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ADJ. broad, marked, pronounced, strong, thick She had a pronounced Scottish accent.
slight | country, foreign, local, regional | plummy, posh, public school | cockney | American, middle-class, northern, etc.
QUANT. hint, trace Her French was excellent, without a trace of an accent.
VERB + ACCENT have, speak in/with | acquire | affect, assume, imitate, put on She put on a posh accent when she answered the phone.
cultivate | lose He lost his northern accent after moving south.
PREP. in an ~ She spoke in a broad Midlands accent.
with/without an ~ a tall man with an American accent

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have an accent
The man had a Spanish accent.
speak with an accent
She spoke with an accent that I couldn’t understand.
pick up an accent
During his stay in England, he had picked up an English accent.
lose your accent (=no longer speak with an accent)
After five years in Europe, Ricky had lost his American accent.
put on an accent (=deliberately speak with a different accent from your usual one)
When mum’s on the phone, she puts on a funny accent.
a strong/broad/thick/pronounced accent (=very noticeable)
She spoke with a strong Scottish accent.
a broad Australian accent
a slight/faint accent
He has a very slight accent.
a French/American etc accent
I noticed that he had a Spanish accent.
a New York/London etc accent
The woman had a Chicago accent.
a foreign accent
I got a call from a man with a foreign accent.
a southern/northern accent
He spoke with a lovely soft southern accent.
a regional accent (=from a particular area of a country)
If you have a regional accent, don’t try to hide it.
an upper-class/middle-class/working-class accent
Sebastian spoke with an upper-class accent.
a posh/plummy accent British English informal (=an upper-class accent)
a tall man with a posh accent
a hint/trace of an accent
I could detect the hint of a German accent in her voice.

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