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accomplish /əˈkʌmplɪʃ $ əˈkɑːm-, əˈkʌm-/ verb [transitive]

انجام دادن ، بانجام رساندن ، وفا کردن (به) ، صورت گرفتن
مهندسی صنایع: انجام دادن ، به انجام رساندن

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Synonyms: do, achieve, attain, bring about, carry out, complete, effect, execute, finish, fulfil, manage, perform, produce
English Thesaurus: succeed, manage, achieve, accomplish, make it, ...

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accomplish /əˈkʌmplɪʃ $ əˈkɑːm-, əˈkʌm-/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: acomplir, from Vulgar Latin accomplere, from Latin ad- 'to' + complere (complete1)]
to succeed in doing something, especially after trying very hard Synonym : achieve:
We have accomplished all we set out to do.
Mission accomplished (=we have done what we intended to do).

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ADV. safely, successfully A rather difficult task had been successfully accomplished.

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BAD: To accomplish world unity, we need peace.
GOOD: To achieve world unity, we need peace.
BAD: A balanced diet is accomplished by eating many different kinds of food.
GOOD: A balanced diet is achieved by eating many different kinds of food.

Usage Note:
When you accomplish something, you manage to do it or complete it, especially something that gives you satisfaction: 'She felt that she could accomplish more through journalism.' 'During his five years as President, he accomplished very little.'
When you achieve something, you manage to do or obtain what you have planned to do or obtain, especially after a lot of effort: 'The company intends to achieve all these goals within the next five years.' 'By the age of twenty, she had already achieved her ambition.'
Note that achieve is also used to mean 'accomplish': 'By the end of the course, you will feel that you've really achieved something.'

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