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adamant /ˈædəmənt/ adjective

جسم جامد و سخت ، مقاوم ، یکدنده ، تزلزل ناپذیر
Synonyms: determined, firm, fixed, obdurate, resolute, stubborn, unbending, uncompromising
Antonyms: yielding
Contrasted words: placable, relenting, submitting, complaisant, obliging, subdued, submissive
Related Words: immobile, immovable, unsubmitting
English Thesaurus: insist, demand, require, be adamant, won’t take no for an answer, ...

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adamant /ˈædəmənt/ adjective
[Date: 800-900; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin adamas 'hardest metal, diamond', from Greek]
determined not to change your opinion or a decision that you have made:
She begged me to change my mind, but I remained adamant.
adamant that
Madonna is adamant that she will not tour this year.
—adamantly adverb:
Britain is adamantly opposed to the new directive.

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