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adroit /əˈdrɔɪt/ adjective

زرنگ ، زبر دست ، زیرک ، ماهر ، چابک ، چالاک ، تردست ، چیره دست
Synonyms: skilful, adept, clever, deft, dexterous, expert, masterful, neat, proficient, skilled
Antonyms: maladroit, stolid
Contrasted words: dense, dull, stupid, apathetic, heavy, impassive, phlegmatic, stodgy
Related Words: astute, perspicacious, shrewd, intelligent, quick-witted, smart, artful, subtle

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adroit /əˈdrɔɪt/ adjective
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: à droit 'properly']
clever and skilful, especially in the way you use words and arguments Synonym : skilled:
an adroit negotiator
—adroitly adverb
—adroitness noun [uncountable]

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