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advance /ədˈvɑːns $ ədˈvæns/ noun

پیش رفتن ، پیش افتادن ، پیش افتادگی ، پیشروی بسوی دروازه ، راهیابی به دور بعد پیشروی (شمشیربازی) ، پیش شرداخت ، مقدم ، پیشروی کردن ، ترقی کردن ، پیش پرداخت ، عالی ، پیش برق (موتوری) ، ترقی مساعده ، وام
(n.& vt & vi) پیشروی ، پیشرفت ، پیش بردن ، جلو بردن ، جلو رفتن ، ترقی دادن ، ترفیع رتبه دادن ، تسریع کردن ، اقامه کردن ، پیشنهاد کردن ، طرح کردن ، مساعده دادن ، مساعده
(adj.) از پیش فرستاده شده ، قبلا تهیه شده ، قبلا تجهیز شده ، علوم مهندسی: پیشروی ، بازرگانی: اعتبار ، پیش پرداخت ، ورزش: راندن ، علوم نظامی: پیش برق ، علوم دریایی: پیشرفت طولی ناو

: advance 1 (mil,mc)

علوم دریایی: پیشروی

: advance 2

پیش ، علوم دریایی: رفت
مهندسی صنایع: مالی: پیش دریافت

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- progress, come forward, go on, hasten, make inroads, proceed, speed
- benefit, further, improve, prosper
- suggest, offer, present, proffer, put forward, submit
- lend, pay beforehand, supply on credit
- progress, advancement, development, forward movement, headway, inroads, onward movement
- improvement, breakthrough, gain, growth, progress, promotion, step
- loan, credit, deposit, down payment, prepayment, retainer
- advances: overtures, approach, approaches, moves, proposals, proposition
- prior, beforehand, early, forward, in front
- in advance: beforehand, ahead, earlier, previously
Antonyms: retard, check, hold back, reduce (in rank), recede, recession
Contrasted words: hinder, impede, delay, slow, curb, restrain, retire, retreat, retrograde, withdraw, retrogression, ebbing, retiring, withdrawal
Related Idioms: forge ahead, gain ground, get ahead, make headway (or progress), make one's way, make rapid strides
Related Words: aid, assist, help, accelerate, quicken, speed, aggrandize, exalt, raise, uplift, glorify, immortalize, magnify, air, broach, expose, heighten, increase, intensify, develop, mature, betterment, furtherance, improvement, development, evolution, breakthrough, offer, proffer
English Thesaurus: progress, advance, breakthrough, make headway, stalemate/deadlock, ...

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I. advance1 S2 W2 /ədˈvɑːns $ ədˈvæns/ noun

1. in advance (of something) before something happens or is expected to happen:
I should warn you in advance that I’m not a very good dancer.
Many thanks, in advance, for your help.
six months/a year etc in advance
Book tickets 21 days in advance.
Could you distribute copies well in advance of the meeting?

2. be in advance of somebody/something to be more developed or modern than someone or something else:
Their aircraft were in advance of those used by the US.

3. DEVELOPMENT/IMPROVEMENT [countable] a change, discovery, or invention that brings progress
technological/scientific/medical etc advance
one of the great technological advances of the 20th century
a major advance
advance in
Recent advances in genetics have raised moral questions.
advance on
an advance on previous treatments
the advances made in the understanding of mental handicap

4. FORWARD MOVEMENT [countable] forward movement or progress of a group of people – used especially to talk about soldiers
advance on
the enemy’s advance on St. Petersburg

5. MONEY [countable usually singular] money paid to someone before the usual time, especially someone’s salary:
a $500 advance
advance on
Krebs decided to ask for an advance on his salary.

6. advances [plural] formal an attempt to start a sexual relationship with someone:
She accused her boss of making advances to her.
The witness said that he ‘went berserk’ when she rejected his sexual advances.

7. INCREASE [countable] an increase in the price or value of something – used especially when talking about the stock exchange

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II. advance2 W3 verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: avancier, from Vulgar Latin abantiare, from Latin abante 'before']

1. MOVE FORWARD [intransitive] to move towards someone or something, especially in a slow and determined way – used especially to talk about soldiers:
A line of US tanks slowly advanced.
advance on
Troops advanced on the rebel stronghold (=moved towards it in order to attack it).
advance across/through/towards
The army advanced across the plain.

2. DEVELOP [intransitive and transitive] if scientific or technical knowledge advances, or if something advances it, it develops and improves:
Our understanding of human genetics has advanced considerably.
The group’s research has done much to advance our knowledge of the HIV virus.

3. MONEY [transitive] to give someone money before they have earned it
advance somebody something
Will they advance you some money until you get your first paycheck?
advance something to somebody
I advanced $1,500 to Kramer last Thursday.

4. advance your career/a cause/your interests etc to do something that will help you achieve an advantage or success for yourself or someone else:
Jameson agreed to the deal in an effort to advance his political career.

5. PRICE [intransitive] if the price or value of something advances, it increases – used especially when talking about the stock exchange

6. TIME/DATE [transitive] formal to change the time or date when an event should happen to an earlier time or date:
The meeting has been advanced to ten o'clock.

7. MACHINE [intransitive and transitive] formal if you advance a film, clock, musical recording etc, or if it advances, it goes forward

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III. advance3 adjective

1. advance planning/warning/booking etc planning etc that is done before an event:
We received no advance warning of the storm.

2. advance party/team a group of people who go first to a place where something will happen to prepare for it

3. advance copy a copy of a book, record etc that has not yet been made available to the public

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. forward movement
ADJ. rapid | Allied, British, German, etc.
VERB + ADVANCE make The regiment made an advance on the enemy lines.
order The general ordered an advance to the front line.
halt, resist, stop
PREP. on ~ the advance on Leningrad
to ~, towards ~ the Russian advance towards Berlin

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II. development
ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, enormous, great, spectacular, substantial, tremendous | important, major, notable, remarkable, significant | rapid, steady rapid advances in science and technology
recent | economic, educational, medical, political, scientific, social, technical, technological | theoretical
VERB + ADVANCE make We need more money if we are to make any further advances in this area of science.
PREP. in ~ two major advances in orthopaedic medicine
on ~ an advance on the existing techniques
towards ~ an advance towards a better understanding of God

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III. money
ADJ. large | cash
VERB + ADVANCE give, pay The publishers have paid me an advance.
get, receive
PREP. ~ of an advance of £10,000
~ on He was paid £5,000 as an advance on royalties.

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IV. advances: sexual
ADJ. amorous, sexual
VERB + ADVANCE make He made amorous advances to one of his students.
PREP. ~ to

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I. move forward
ADV. quickly, rapidly | cautiously, slowly
PREP. from advancing from the south
into The troops advanced into central Europe.
on/upon The army advanced on the capital.
towards He advanced towards me in aggressive style.

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II. develop
ADV. considerably, greatly, significantly | rapidly
PREP. beyond Society needs to advance beyond prejudice and superstition.

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See THANK 3 (thank)

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See: in advance or in advance of

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