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affect /əˈfekt/ verb [transitive]

عاطفه ، نتیجه ، احساسات ، برخورد ، اثر کردن بر ، تغییر دادن ، متاثر کردن ، وانمود کردن ، دوست داشتن ، تمایل داشتن (به) ، تظاهر کردن به ، روانشناسی: انفعال
- influence, act on, alter, bear upon, change, concern, impinge upon, relate to
- move, disturb, overcome, perturb, stir, touch, upset
put on, adopt, aspire to, assume, contrive, feign, imitate, pretend, simulate
Related Idioms: work on
Related Words: actuate, draw, drive, impel, penetrate, pierce

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affect S2 W1 AC /əˈfekt/ verb [transitive]
[Sense 1-2: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of afficere 'to influence', from ad- 'to' + facere 'to do']
[Sense 3: Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: affecter, from Latin affectare, from afficere]

1. to do something that produces an effect or change in something or in someone’s situation:
the areas affected by the hurricane
a disease that affects the central nervous system
decisions which affect our lives
Trading has been adversely affected by the downturn in consumer spending.

2. [usually passive] to make someone feel strong emotions:
We were all deeply affected by her death.

3. formal to pretend to have a particular feeling, way of speaking etc:
As usual, Simon affected complete boredom.
He used to affect a foreign accent.

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I. influence
ADV. greatly, materially, radically, significantly, very much | barely, hardly, not unduly Sales did not seem unduly affected.
slightly | clearly | directly | indirectly | adversely, badly, seriously, severely
VERB + AFFECT be likely to developments that are likely to affect the environment

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II. make sb sad/angry
ADV. deeply, profoundly Her death affected him deeply.

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BAD: The programme is about computers and their affects on our lives.
GOOD: The programme is about computers and their effect on our lives.

Usage Note:
To affect something (verb) is to have an effect on it (noun): 'Smoking affects your health.' (= smoking has an effect on your health)

BAD: This problem has also affected on the automobile industry.
GOOD: This problem has also affected the automobile industry.

Usage Note:
affect sb/sth (WITHOUT on ): 'Fortunately these new tax laws don't affect us.'
Compare: 'This problem has also had an effect on the automobile industry.'

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