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affiliate /əˈfɪlieɪt/ verb
affiliate /əˈfɪliət, əˈfɪliɪt/ noun [countable]

مربوط ساختن ، پیوستن ، اشناکردن ، درمیان خود پذیرفتن ، به فرزندی پذیرفتن ، مربوط ، وابسته
Synonyms: join, ally, amalgamate, associate, band together, combine, incorporate, link, unite

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I. affiliate1 /əˈfɪlieɪt/ verb
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: past participle of affiliare 'to take over as a son', from Latin ad- 'to' + filius 'son']

1. [intransitive, transitive usually passive] if a group or organization affiliates to or with another larger one, it forms a close connection with it
affiliate with
The Society is not affiliated with any political party.
affiliate to
the church’s right to affiliate to Rome

2. affiliate yourself to/with somebody/something to join or become connected with a larger group or organization:
She affiliated herself with the Impressionist school of painting.

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II. affiliate2 /əˈfɪliət, əˈfɪliɪt/ noun [countable]
a company, organization etc that is connected with or controlled by a larger one:
Volvo’s Japanese affiliate, Mitsubishi

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An affiliate is a business enterprise located in one country which is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by a person of another country to the extent of 10 percent or more of its voting securities for an incorporated business enterprise or an equi

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