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aggrandize verb. [ǝ'grandʌɪz] Also aggrandise.

بزرگ کردن ، افزودن
Synonyms: increase, augment, beef (up), boost, enlarge, expand, extend, heighten, magnify, multiply, exalt, dignify, distinguish, ennoble, erect, glorify, honor, sublime, uprear
Antonyms: belittle
Related Words: amplify, build up

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ag·gran·dize (ə-grăndīz, ăgrən-)
tr.v. ag·gran·dized, ag·gran·diz·ing, ag·gran·diz·es
To increase the scope of; extend.
To make greater in power, influence, stature, or reputation.
To make appear greater; exaggerate:
aggrandize one argument while belittling another.

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[French agrandir, agrandiss-, from Old French  : a-, to (from Latin ad-. See ad-) + grandir, to grow larger (from Latin grandīre, from grandis, large).]

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ag·grandize·ment (ə-grăndĭz-mənt, -dīz-) n.
ag·grandizer n.

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