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airy /ˈeəri $ ˈeri/ adjective

هوایی ، هوا مانند ، با روح ، پوچ ، واهی ، خودنما
- well-ventilated, fresh, light, open, spacious, uncluttered
- light-hearted, blithe, cheerful, high-spirited, jaunty, lively, sprightly
Antonyms: substantial
Contrasted words: corporeal, material, physical, bulky, massive, massy
Related Words: gaseous, vaporous, exposed, windswept, supernal, frivolous, light, volatile, rare, rarefied, tenuous, thin, dainty, delicate, diaphanous, exquisite, spirituel, animated, high-spirited, spirited

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airy /ˈeəri $ ˈeri/ adjective

1. an airy room or building has plenty of fresh air because it is large or has a lot of windows:
All the hotel’s bedrooms are light and airy.

2. done in a happy and confident way, even when you should be serious or worried:
He dismissed her concerns with an airy wave of the hand.

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