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alert /əˈlɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ adjective
alert verb [transitive]
alert noun

گوش به زنگ هشیار ، به گوش ، گوش بزنگ ، هوشیار ، مواظب ، زیرک ، اعلام خطر ، اژیرهوایی ، بحالت اماده باش درامدن یا دراوردن ، علوم نظامی: مراقب ، علوم دریایی: اماده باش

: alert (dusk or dawn)

علوم نظامی: اماده باش صبحگاهی و شامگاهی
کامپیوتر: هشدار- اخطار- علامت هشدار دهنده

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- watchful, attentive, awake, circumspect, heedful, observant, on guard, on one's toes, on the lookout, vigilant, wide-awake
- warning, alarm, signal, siren
- warn, alarm, forewarn, inform, notify, signal
Antonyms: inert
Contrasted words: inattentive, unmindful, aloof, detached, indifferent, unconcerned, lackadaisical, languid, listless, inactive, indolent
Related Idioms: all eyes and ears, on (one's) guard, on the alert, full of life
Related Words: attentive, heedful, mindful, careful, apt, prompt, quick, ready, frisky, mercurial
English Thesaurus: warn, give somebody a warning, alert, tip somebody off, caution, ...

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I. alert1 /əˈlɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: alerte, from Italian all' erta 'on the watch']

1. giving all your attention to what is happening, being said etc:
The animal raised its head, suddenly alert.
Taking notes is one of the best ways to stay alert in lectures.

2. able to think quickly and clearly:
Jack was as mentally alert as a man half his age.

3. be alert to something to know about or understand something, especially a possible danger or problem:
The authorities should have been alert to the possibility of invasion.
—alertness noun [uncountable]

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II. alert2 verb [transitive]

1. to officially warn someone about a problem or danger so that they are ready to deal with it:
The school immediately alerted the police.

2. to make someone realize something important or dangerous
alert somebody to something
campaigns to alert the public to the dangers of HIV

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III. alert3 noun

1. [countable] a warning to be ready for possible danger
a bomb/fire/terrorist etc alert
a full-scale flood alert
The bomb alert was raised soon after alert

2. on (the) alert (for something/somebody) ready to notice and deal with a situation or problem:
Be on the alert for anyone acting suspiciously.
Troops in the vicinity were put on alert.
on full alert (also on high alert) (=completely ready to deal with a dangerous situation)
All our border points are on full alert.

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VERBS be, look, seem | become | remain, stay | keep sb The machine should help to keep the pilot alert.
ADV. very | fully | immediately, instantly, suddenly There was a noise outside and he was suddenly alert.
always, constantly | mentally He was as mentally alert as a man half his age.
PREP. to Climbers need to be alert to possible dangers.

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ADJ. red His sudden disappearance triggered a red alert among his friends.
nationwide | bomb, fire, flood, pollution, security A security alert was issued after four men escaped from the prison.
VERB + ALERT issue, put out, raise, sound They rang the church bells to sound the alert and the villagers then fled.
spark, trigger | call off The alert was called off when it was found that the bomb was not live.
ALERT + VERB go out A nationwide alert went out for three escaped prisoners.
PREP. on the ~ | ~ for You should always be on the alert for anyone who looks suspicious.
PHRASES be on full alert The security forces are now on full alert.
keep/put/place sb on full alert Thousands of police were put on full alert at all main roads leading to the city.
a state of alert The army was yesterday placed on a state of alert in case of more riots.

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See: on the alert

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