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allied /ˈælaɪd, əˈlaɪd/ adjective

متفق ، هم پیمان ، پیوسته ، متحد ، علوم نظامی: کشورهای هم پیمان
Synonyms: united, affiliated, associated, combined, connected, in league, linked, related
Antonyms: unallied
Contrasted words: alien, extraneous, foreign, discrete, separate, several
Related Words: linked, united, parallel, similar

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allied /ˈælaɪd, əˈlaɪd/ adjective

1. usually Allied [only before noun] belonging or relating to the countries that fought with Britain, the US etc in the First or Second World War:
an Allied bombing raid
Allied forces

2. (be) allied to/with something formal to be related to something or to be very similar:
Anthropology is closely allied to the field of psychology.

3. allied industries/organizations/trades etc connected with each other because of being similar to or dependent on each other:
agriculture and allied industries

4. joined by the same political, military, or economic aims:
loosely allied guerilla groups

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ADV. closely | loosely an offensive by seven loosely allied guerrilla groups
PREP. to His decision to move to London is closely allied to his ambition to become manager of the company.
with The party is allied with the Communists.

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