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almost /ˈɔːlməʊst $ ˈɒːlmoʊst, ɒːlˈmoʊst/ adverb

تقریبا ، بطور نزدیک
Synonyms: nearly, about, approximately, close to, just about, not quite, on the brink of, practically, virtually
Related Idioms: for all practical purposes, in effect, just about, to all intents and purposes
English Thesaurus: almost, nearly, not quite, practically/virtually, practically all/everything/everyone etc, ...

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almost S1 W1 /ˈɔːlməʊst $ ˈɒːlmoʊst, ɒːlˈmoʊst/ adverb
[Language: Old English; Origin: ealmæst, from eall 'all' + mæst 'mostly']
nearly, but not completely or not quite:
Have you almost finished?
Supper’s almost ready.
It was almost midnight.
Almost nothing was done to improve the situation.
The story is almost certainly true.
He’s almost as old as I am.
almost all/every/everything
Marsha visits her son almost every day.

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BAD: I almost have forgotten what she looks like.
GOOD: I have almost forgotten what she looks like.
BAD: The suitcase almost was too heavy to lift.
GOOD: The suitcase was almost too heavy to lift.

BAD: My job takes me almost to every part of the world.
GOOD: My job takes me to almost every part of the world.

Usage Note:
Almost comes immediately before the word it modifies: 'He was working in Hungary for almost ten years.'

DUBIOUS: Outside Japan, almost nobody speaks Japanese.
GOOD: Outside Japan, hardly anybody speaks Japanese.

Usage Note:
Instead of saying almost no/nobody/never etc , it is more usual to say hardly any/anybody/ever etc: 'It was so early that there was hardly any traffic.' 'I hardly ever go to the cinema nowadays.'

BAD: She almost couldn't breathe.
GOOD: She could hardly breathe.

Usage Note:
Almost is used with a negative verb when something does actually happen although, at the time, there is a strong possibility that it will not happen: 'I was feeling so tired that I almost didn't come.' 'The traffic was so heavy that she almost didn't get here in time.'
When you mean 'only a little' or 'only with great difficulty', use hardly : 'We hardly know each other.' 'She was so tired that she could hardly keep her eyes open.' 'I can hardly hear myself think.'

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