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along /əˈlɒŋ $ əˈlɒːŋ/ adverb

همراه ، جلو ، پیش ، در امتداد خط ، موازی با طول
Synonyms: forth, forward, on, onward, also, additionally, as well, besides, furthermore, likewise, moreover, too, yea, yet

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I. along1 S1 W1 /əˈlɒŋ $ əˈlɒːŋ/ adverb

1. going forward:
I was driving along, thinking about Chris.
a group of children walking along in a line

2. go/come along to go or come to a place where something is happening:
You’re welcome to come along if you like.
I think I’ll go along and watch the game.

3. take/bring somebody/something along to take someone or something with you to a place:
Mandy brought some of her friends along.
Why don’t you take your guitar along?

4. be/come along to arrive:
Another bus should be along in a minute.
Every so often, a band comes along that changes music history.

5. come/go/get along to improve, develop, or make progress:
After a five-hour operation, Wendy is coming along just fine.

6. along with somebody/something together with someone or something else:
Dunne was murdered, along with three guards.

7. all along all the time from the beginning, while something was happening:
They should have known all along that she was lying.

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II. along2 S1 W1 preposition
[Language: Old English; Origin: andlang, from and- 'against' + lang 'long']

1. from one place on something such as a line, road, or edge towards the other end of it:
We were driving along Follyfoot Road.
She glanced anxiously along the line of faces.
He slid his hand along her arm.

2. forming a line beside something long:
The palm trees along the shore swayed in the wind.
the toolbar along the top of your screen
There were cheering crowds all along Pennsylvania Avenue.

3. a particular distance away, on or beside something long such as a line, road, edge etc:
Hugo’s house was about two hundred yards away along the main street.
The bathroom is just along (=a short distance along) the corridor.

4. along the way/line during a process or experience, or during someone’s life:
I’ve been lucky, but I’ve had my share of heartbreak along the way.

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BAD: Walking along the city after dark is not a good idea.
GOOD: Walking through the city after dark is not a good idea.

Usage Note:
along = (moving) next to the side of something long such as a road or river: 'We walked along the Thames as far as Hampton Court.'
through = from one side of an area to another: 'The road goes through all the major towns.'

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See: all along or right along , come along , get along , go along , run along , string along

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