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Always /ˈɔːlweɪz/
always /ˈɔːlwəz, ˈɔːlwɪz, -weɪz $ ˈɒːl-/ adverb

همواره ، همیشه ، پیوسته ، همه وقت
Synonyms: continually, consistently, constantly, eternally, evermore, every time, forever, invariably, perpetually, repeatedly, without exception
Antonyms: never
Contrasted words: rarely, seldom
Related Idioms: in every case (or instance), without exception
Related Words: frequently, often, regularly, usually
English Thesaurus: always, forever, permanently, for life, for good, ...

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Always /ˈɔːlweɪz/ trademark
a type of sanitary pad known for having ‘wings’ (=pieces of tape on the sides of the towel for sticking to a woman’s pants)

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always S1 W1 /ˈɔːlwəz, ˈɔːlwɪz, -weɪz $ ˈɒːl-/ adverb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old English; Origin: ealne weg 'all the way']

1. all the time, at all times, or every time:
Always lock your bicycle to something secure.
She’d always assumed that Gabriel was a girl’s name.
He hadn’t always been a butler.

2. for a very long time:
I’ve always wanted to go to Paris.
John’s always been keen on music.

3. for ever:
I’ll always remember that day.

4. if someone or something is always doing something, they do it often, especially in an annoying way:
That woman next door’s always complaining.

5. always assuming/supposing (that) something British English used to say that one important fact has to be accepted as true for something else to happen, be true etc:
We’ll leave on Tuesday – always assuming the car’s repaired by then.

6. as always as is usual or expected:
The truth, as always, is more complicated.
As always, Deborah was the last to arrive.

7. can/could always do something (also there’s always something) spoken used to make a polite suggestion:
You could always try ringing again.
If you can’t get it locally, there’s always the Internet.

8. somebody always was lucky/untidy etc used to say you are not surprised by what someone has done because it is typical of them:
You always were a stubborn creature.
He’s a troublemaker! Always was and always will be!
Always usually comes before the verb, unless the verb is a simple tense of ‘be’, or after the first auxiliary:
I always wanted to be an engineer.
He is always cheerful.
Education in Britain has always been considered some of the best in the world.
always, still
Use still, not always, to say that a previous situation has not changed, and is continuing at the time of speaking:
He still lives (NOT always lives) with his parents.

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BAD: Come and spend the weekend with me. I live always at the same address in Croydon.
GOOD: Come and spend the weekend with me. I still live at the same address in Croydon.
BAD: He died a long time ago, but his ideas are always alive.
GOOD: He died a long time ago, but his ideas are still alive.

Usage Note:
Always means 'all the time' or 'every time': 'She has always wanted her own Mercedes.' 'I always go to work by train.'
To say that a previous situation has not changed and continues 'now' (at the time of speaking), use still (NOT always ): 'Lucy is recovering, but she's still in hospital.' 'The house is still for sale.'

BAD: I have always the feeling that she enjoys teaching us.
GOOD: I always have the feeling that she enjoys teaching us.
BAD: You will be always welcome.
GOOD: You will always be welcome.
BAD: During the winter months, they always were in the kitchen.
GOOD: During the winter months, they were always in the kitchen.

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See: grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

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