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ambition /æmˈbɪʃən/ noun

بلند همتی ، جاه طلبی ، ارزو ، جاه طلب بودن ، روانشناسی: بلند پروازی
- enterprise, aspiration, desire, drive, eagerness, longing, striving, yearning, zeal
- goal, aim, aspiration, desire, dream, hope, intent, objective, purpose, wish
Contrasted words: contentment, satisfaction, faineance, indolence, lethargy, sloth
Related Words: drive, go-ahead, push, anxiety, avidity, eagerness, keenness, energy, enterprise, spirit, goad, incentive, motive, spur, design, intent, purpose, desire, fancy, hope, wish, dream, ideal, nirvana
English Thesaurus: aim, goal, target, objective, ambition, ...

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ambition W3 /æmˈbɪʃən/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: ambitio, from ambire; ambient]

1. [countable] a strong desire to achieve something
an ambition to do something
She had always had an ambition to be a pilot.
sb’s ambitions of doing something
An injury ended his ambitions of becoming a professional footballer.

2. [uncountable] determination to be successful, rich, powerful etc:
He was young and full of ambition.

3. have no ambition to do something used when saying that you definitely do not want to do something:
I have no ambition to go back there again.

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I. strong desire to be successful
ADJ. driving, great, naked She's a woman of driving ambition.
VERB + AMBITION have He's got little ambition.
AMBITION + VERB burn Ambition burned within her.

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II. sth you very much want to have/do
ADJ. big, burning, driving, great, high, main, overriding, ultimate Her biggest ambition was to climb Everest.
lifelong, life's, longstanding At last he had realized his life's ambition.
modest | personal | secret | youthful | frustrated, thwarted, unfulfilled This is a tale of jealousy and thwarted ambitions.
career, imperial/imperialist, literary, political, presidential, social, sporting, territorial
VERB + AMBITION cherish, harbour, have, nurture He had only one ambition in life.
abandon, give up | achieve, fulfil, realize | limit, restrain | frustrate, thwart He felt great resentment at having his ambition frustrated.

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sb’s ambition is to be/do something
My ambition was to be a journalist.
have an ambition
He had an ambition to be a top cello player.
achieve/fulfil/realize your ambition (=do what you wanted to do)
It took her ten years to achieve her ambition.
He was prepared to go to any lengths to fulfil his ambition.
I want to thank all those who made it possible for me to realize a lifetime 's ambition.
lack ambition/have no ambition
Many of the students lack ambition.
nurse/harbour/cherish an ambition (=have it for a long time, especially secretly)
He had nursed an ambition to become a writer for many years.
frustrate/thwart sb’s ambitions formal (=prevent someone from achieving them)
The weather threatened to frustrate their ambitions.
Her lifelong ambitions had been thwarted again and again.
sb’s main ambition
What’s your main ambition in life?
sb’s great ambition
He didn’t achieve his greatest ambition – to be Wimbledon Champion.
a lifelong/long-held ambition (=one that you have had all your life)
It’s been her lifelong ambition to work with horses.
a personal ambition
Crossing the Sahara was a personal ambition of mine.
a secret ambition
His secret ambition was to become a pilot.
a burning/driving ambition (=a very strong ambition)
She had a burning ambition to become a racing car driver.
career ambitions
The course is designed to help you achieve your career ambitions.
political/presidential ambitions
His political ambitions were put on hold while he waited for a suitable opportunity.
sb’s dreams and ambitions
He told her all about his dreams and ambitions.
sb’s lack of ambition
I was frustrated by their apparent lack of ambition.
be full of ambition
She was full of ambition when she joined the company.

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BAD: My immediate ambition is to find somewhere to live.
GOOD: My immediate aim is to find somewhere to live.

Usage Note:
ambition = something very important that you have wanted to do or achieve for a very long time: 'Sandro's one ambition is to play for Italy in the World Cup.'
aim = what you hope to achieve when you do something: 'The aim of the course is to develop the students' writing skills.'

BAD: Not many people manage to satisfy their ambitions.
GOOD: Not many people manage to achieve their ambitions.

Usage Note:
achieve your ambition (NOT satisfy, meet, reach, arrive, etc ): 'He has achieved his main ambition - to make a name for himself in politics.'

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