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ambulance /ˈæmbjələns, ˈæmbjʊləns/ noun [countable]

بیمارستان سیار ، بوسیله امبولانس حمل کردن ، امبولانس ، علوم نظامی: امبولانس
ambulance S3 /ˈæmbjələns, ˈæmbjʊləns/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: 'place near a battle where wounds are treated', from ambulant 'walking', from Latin ambulare; amble]
a special vehicle that is used to take people who are ill or injured to hospital:
the ambulance service
ambulance staff/crew/worker
The ambulance crew removed him from the wreckage.
the ambulance service
by ambulance
Mike had to be taken by ambulance to hospital.
Do you think we need to call an ambulance (=phone to ask an ambulance to come)?

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ADJ. air
VERB + AMBULANCE call (for), get, phone/ring/telephone for, send for Quick, call an ambulance!
AMBULANCE + VERB be on its way Don't worry?the ambulance is on its way.
arrive, come When the ambulance came, I carried her out.
AMBULANCE + NOUN service | crew, staff | driver, man, worker | station
PREP. by ~ She was rushed to hospital by air ambulance.
in an/the~ He went in the ambulance with Lizzy.

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