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ameliorate /əˈmiːliəreɪt/ verb [transitive]

بهتر کردن ، اصلاح کردن ، چاره کردن ، بهتر شدن ، بهبودی یافتن
Synonyms: improve, amend, better, help, meliorate, convalesce, gain, look up, mend, perk (up), recuperate
Antonyms: worsen, deteriorate
Contrasted words: damage, harm, hurt, impair, injure, mar, spoil, aggravate, intensify
Related Words: alleviate, lighten, mitigate, relieve

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ameliorate /əˈmiːliəreɪt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: meliorate 'to ameliorate' (16-20 centuries), from Late Latin, past participle of meliorare, from Latin melior 'better']
formal to make a bad situation better or less harmful Synonym : improve:
It is not clear what can be done to ameliorate the situation.
—amelioration /əˌmiːliəˈreɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]

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