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amicable /ˈæmɪkəbəl/ adjective

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Synonyms: friendly, amiable, civil, cordial, courteous, harmonious, neighbourly, peaceful, sociable
Contrasted words: bellicose, belligerent, combative, contentious, pugnacious, quarrelsome, antipathetic, hostile, suspicious, uncooperative
Related Words: empathic, like-minded, sympathetic, understanding, accordant, agreeing, concordant, frictionless, harmonious, pacific, peaceable, peaceful

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amicable /ˈæmɪkəbəl/ adjective
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Late Latin; Origin: amicablis, from amicus 'friend']
an amicable agreement, relationship etc is one in which people feel friendly towards each other and do not want to quarrel:
Their relationship hasn’t always been amicable.
amicable settlement/agreement
The two parties have reached an amicable settlement.
—amicably adverb:
In the end, the matter was resolved amicably.

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