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amount /əˈmaʊnt/ noun [uncountable and countable]

(vi) سرزدن ، بالغ شدن ، رسیدن
(n) مبلغ ، مقدار ، میزان ، قانون ـ فقه: وجه ، بازرگانی: مبلغ ، میزان
مهندسی صنایع: مقدار ، اندازه مهندسی صنایع: تولید: مقدار - اندازه کامپیوتر: مقدار ، اندازه

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Synonyms: quantity, expanse, extent, magnitude, mass, measure, number, supply, volume
Related Idioms: be near to, come to the same thing as, have all the earmarks (or features) of
Related Words: comprehend, comprise, embody, include, incorporate, reach, subsume, hint, imply, intimate, smack (of), suggest
English Thesaurus: amount, quantity, volume, level, proportion, ...

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I. amount1 S1 W1 /əˈmaʊnt/ noun [uncountable and countable]

1. a quantity of something such as time, money, or a substance
amount of
They spend equal amounts of time in California and New York.
a considerable/large/enormous etc amount
a considerable amount of money
a small/tiny etc amount
a tiny amount of dirt
Please pay the full amount (=of money) by the end of the month.

2. used to talk about how much there is of a feeling or quality
a large/considerable etc amount of something
Her case has attracted an enormous amount of public sympathy.
a certain/fair amount of something
Dina encountered a fair amount of envy among her colleagues.

3. no amount of something can/will etc do something used to say that something has no effect:
No amount of persuasion could make her change her mind.

4. any amount of something used to say that there is plenty of something, and no more is needed:
The school has any amount of resources and equipment.

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II. amount2 verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: amonter, from amont 'upward', from mont 'mountain']
amount to something phrasal verb

1. if figures, sums etc amount to a particular total, they equal that total when they are added together:
Time lost through illness amounted to 1,357 working days.

2. if an attitude, remark, situation etc amounts to something, it has the same effect:
The court’s decision amounts to a not guilty verdict.
Ultimately, their ideas amount to the same thing.

3. not amount to much/anything/a great deal etc to not be important, valuable, or successful:
Her academic achievements don’t amount to much.
Jim’s never going to amount to much.

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ADJ. considerable, copious ~s, enormous, huge, large, massive, significant, substantial, tremendous, vast a considerable amount of money He drank copious amounts of beer.
disproportionate, excessive, inordinate | increasing | fair There was a fair amount of traffic on the roads.
limited, minute, moderate, negligible, small, tiny | full, total You must pay back the full amount of money that you owe.
maximum, minimum He aimed to cause the maximum amount of embarrassment.
exact | equal, equivalent Mix the colours in equal amounts. an amount equivalent to 0.3% per annum
varying Tap water also contains varying amounts of rust and grit.
VERB + AMOUNT double, increase | decrease, limit, reduce They want to limit the amount of cash available.
AMOUNT + VERB double, increase The amount of reclaimed glass used in industry has doubled in the last five years.
decrease, fall The average amount of pocket money received by teenagers fell to £4 a week this year.
PREP. ~ of

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BAD: The amount of accidents is steadily increasing.
GOOD: The number of accidents is steadily increasing.
BAD: Only small amounts of students will be admitted.
GOOD: Only small numbers of students will be admitted.

Usage Note:
amount of + uncountable noun
number of + plural countable noun
Compare: 'an amount of money', 'a number of coins'

BAD: I was lucky and won a big amount of money.
GOOD: I was lucky and won a large amount of money.
BAD: Cream cheese contains a high amount of fat.
GOOD: Cream cheese contains a large amount of fat.

Usage Note:
a large amount (NOT big/high )

BAD: The amount of crime have increased.
GOOD: The amount of crime has increased.
BAD: A tremendous amount of research have been carried out.
GOOD: A tremendous amount of research has been carried out.

Usage Note:
amount of (singular) + uncountable noun + singular verb
amounts of (plural) + uncountable noun + plural verb
Compare: 'A large amount of money is required.' 'Large amounts of money are required.'

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