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amused /əˈmjuːzd/ adjective

amuse: سرگرم کردن ، مشغول کردن ، تفریح دادن ، جذب کردن ، مات و متحیر کردن
amused /əˈmjuːzd/ adjective

1. if you are amused by something, you think it is funny and you smile or laugh
amused at/by
Ellen seemed amused by the whole situation.
I could see she was highly amused (=very amused).
The man looked a little amused.
He won’t be very amused (=he will be annoyed) when he finds out what’s happened to his garden.
an amused smile/look/expression etc

2. keep somebody amused to entertain or interest someone for a long time so that they do not get bored:
There were puzzles and games to keep the children amused.

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VERBS be, look, seem, sound She looked faintly amused.
keep sb He kept the children amused for hours.
ADV. greatly, highly, much, vastly, very He was much amused by all this talk.
not at all I was not at all amused to find they had eaten all the cake.
faintly, a little, mildly, quite, rather, slightly | clearly Mr Stopes was clearly amused by the confusion.
genuinely | wryly | quietly
PREP. at Tony was very amused at the story.
by She seemed greatly amused by his jokes.

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