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amusing /əˈmjuːzɪŋ/ adjective

سرگرم کننده ، تفریح دهنده
Synonyms: funny, comical, droll, enjoyable, entertaining, humorous, interesting, witty
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amusing /əˈmjuːzɪŋ/ adjective
funny and entertaining:
I don’t find his jokes at all amusing.
a highly amusing (=very amusing) film
an amusing story/anecdote/incident etc
The book is full of amusing stories about his childhood.
mildly/vaguely amusing (=a little amusing, but not very)
a mildly amusing spectacle
—amusingly adverb

In everyday English, people usually say funny rather than amusing:
Someone told me a really funny joke.

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VERBS be, sound | find sth
ADV. extremely, highly, most, really, very | mildly, quite, rather, vaguely | not remotely There is nothing even remotely amusing about the situation.

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BAD: The last three years have been the most amusing years of my life.
GOOD: The last three years have been the most enjoyable years of my life.

Usage Note:
amusing = causing you to laugh or smile: 'The speaker was clearly embarrassed when the microphone stopped working, but the audience found the situation very amusing.' 'I don't see anything amusing about finding a snake in your tent in the middle of the night.'
enjoyable = causing you to feel happy; pleasant: 'It was one of the most enjoyable holidays we've ever had.' 'Exercise may be hard work, but it can also be enjoyable.'

BAD: Most visitors find the museum extremely amusing.
GOOD: Most visitors find the museum extremely interesting.

Usage Note:
Something that holds your attention (and makes you want to know more) is interesting (NOT amusing ): 'The most interesting thing about the dinosaurs is their sudden disappearance.' 'His plan for raising more money sounds interesting but I'm not sure it'll work.'

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