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ancient /ˈeɪnʃənt/ adjective

باستانی ، دیرینه ، قدیمی ، کهن ، کهنه ، پیر
Synonyms: old, aged, antique, archaic, old-fashioned, primeval, primordial, timeworn
Antonyms: modern
Contrasted words: current, fresh, new, novel, prevailing, up-to-date
Related Idioms: old as time, older than God (or the hills), out of the dim past, old as Methuselah (or the hills)
Related Words: primal, primeval, primordial, pristine, forgotten, immemorial, remote, traditional, ageless, dateless, doddering, doting, fading, sinking, waning, wasting
English Thesaurus: old, elderly, aging, aged, elder brother/sister, ...

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I. ancient1 W2 /ˈeɪnʃənt/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: ancien, from Vulgar Latin anteanus, from Latin ante 'before']

1. belonging to a time long ago in history, especially thousands of years ago Antonym : modern:
the ancient civilizations of Asia
ancient Greece/Egypt/Rome
the religion of ancient Egypt

2. having existed for a very long time Antonym : new:
an ancient walled city
an ancient forest
the ancient art of calligraphy

3. very old – used humorously:
That photo makes me look ancient!

4. ancient history
a) the history of ancient societies, such as Greece or Rome:
a professor of ancient history
b) informal if you say that something is ancient history, you mean that it happened a long time ago and is not important now:
It’s all ancient history and I’m not upset any more.

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II. ancient2 noun
the ancients [plural] people who lived long ago, especially the Greeks and Romans:
The ancients believed that the Sun and Moon were planets.

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VERBS be, look
ADV. extremely, incredibly, very | quite | positively The man looked positively ancient.

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