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anger /ˈæŋɡə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]
anger verb [transitive]

براشفتگی ، خشم ، غضب ، خشمگین کردن ، غضبناک کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: غصب ، روانشناسی: خشم
- rage, annoyance, displeasure, exasperation, fury, ire, outrage, resentment, temper, wrath
- madden, annoy, displease, enrage, exasperate, gall, incense, infuriate, outrage, rile, vex
Antonyms: forbearance, gratify, pacify, calm (down)
Contrasted words: appease, conciliate, mollify, placate, propitiate, soothe
Related Idioms: burn one up, make one hot under the collar, put (or get) one's dander up, set one by the ears, breathe fire, fly into a rage, get hot under the collar, get one's blood (or dander) up, hit the ceiling, lose one's temper, see red
Related Words: dander, dudgeon, Dutch, huff, monkey, pet, pique, temper, annoyance, exasperation, infuriation, irritation, annoy, irk, vex, aggravate, exasperate, irritate, nettle, provoke, rile, affront, offend, outrage, chafe, fret, stew, rant, rave, storm
English Thesaurus: anger, annoyance, irritation, frustration, exasperation, ...

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I. anger1 W3 /ˈæŋɡə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: verb: anger; noun: anger; adverb: angrily; adjective: angry]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: angr 'great sorrow']

1. a strong feeling of wanting to hurt or criticize someone because they have done something bad to you or been unkind to you:
There is growing anger among the people against the government.
anger at
She struggled to control her anger at her son’s disobedience.
in anger
‘That’s a lie!’ he shouted in anger.

2. do/use something in anger to do or use something for the first time, or in a real situation:
He joined the club last month, but has yet to kick a ball in anger.

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II. anger2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: verb: anger; noun: anger; adverb: angrily; adjective: angry]
to make someone angry Synonym : annoy:
What angered me most was his total lack of remorse.
be angered by/at something
Environmental groups were disappointed and angered by the president’s decision.

In everyday English, people usually say something makes them angry rather than say that it angers them:
I didn’t want to anger him. ➔ I didn’t want to make him angry.

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ADJ. bitter, black, cold, deep, fierce, great, savage, terrible | genuine, real | growing, mounting, rising mounting anger among teachers and parents
sudden | righteous Catherine appeared in the doorway, shaking with righteous anger.
controlled, pent-up, suppressed | popular, public | widespread
QUANT. burst, fit, outburst He slammed the door in a fit of anger.
VERB + ANGER be filled with, feel, shake with, tremble with His eyes were filled with anger. She was trembling with anger.
express, give vent to, show, vent, voice Children give vent to their anger in various ways.
control, hide, suppress It is not healthy to suppress your anger.
arouse, cause, fill sb with, fuel, provoke, stir up His words fuelled her anger.
change to, give way to, turn to His joy soon turned to anger when he heard the full story.
ANGER + VERB boil over/up, bubble up, build up, flare (up), grow, mount, rise, well up Henry stood up, his anger rising.
abate, drain, evaporate, fade, subside The anger drained from his face. Her anger subsided as quickly as it had flared up.
PREP. in ~ He raised his voice in anger.
with ~ His face was flushed with anger.
~ against her feelings of anger against the murderer
~ at I felt a sudden anger at his suggestion.
~ over There is much anger over plans to close the hospital.
~ towards her anger towards her parents
PHRASES a feeling of anger, in a moment of anger He had walked out in a moment of anger.

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ADV. deeply, greatly I was deeply angered by their lack of concern.

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be filled with anger/be full of anger
His face was suddenly filled with anger.
be shaking with anger
My aunt was shaking with anger as she left the room.
be seething with anger (=be extremely angry)
Seething with anger and frustration, Polly pushed back her chair and stood up.
express your anger (also vent your anger formal) (=show your anger)
Demonstrators expressed their anger by burning American flags.
hide your anger
For a second he was unable to hide his anger.
control/contain your anger
I could not control my anger any longer.
arouse/provoke anger (also stir up anger informal) (=make people angry)
The referee’s decision provoked anger among the fans.
fuel anger (=make people even more angry)
The row could fuel growing anger among the Labour party.
sb’s anger goes away/subsides/fades (=it stops)
I counted to ten and waited for my anger to go away.
His anger slowly subsided.
deep/great/fierce anger
There is deep anger against the occupying forces.
growing/rising/mounting anger
There is growing anger among drivers over the rise in fuel prices.
widespread anger (=among many people)
The decision to build the airport has provoked widespread anger.
public/popular anger
By now public anger in America was mounting.
suppressed/pent-up anger (=that you have tried not to show)
Her voice shook with suppressed anger.
real anger
There is real anger about the amount of money that has been wasted.
righteous anger often disapproving (=anger felt when you think something should not be allowed to happen)
The speech was full of righteous anger against the West.
a fit/outburst of anger (=an occasion when someone suddenly becomes angry)
His occasional outbursts of anger shocked those around him.
a feeling of anger
He was overcome by a sudden feeling of anger against the people who had put him there.

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BAD: I was surprised and anger that he did not apologize.
GOOD: I was surprised and angry that he did not apologize.

Usage Note:
Anger is a noun and a verb: 'The workers who lost their jobs expressed anger and resentment.' 'The government's handling of the affair has angered local residents.' The adjective is angry : 'Some of the women felt angry about the way they were treated.'

BAD: He'll have to learn how to control his anger.
GOOD: He'll have to learn how to control his temper.

Usage Note:
control/keep/lose your temper (NOT anger ): 'The problem with George is that he can't control his temper.' (= cannot stop himself from suddenly getting angry)

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