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ankle /ˈæŋkəl/ noun [countable]

قوزک پا
ankle /ˈæŋkəl/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: ancleow]

1. the joint between your foot and your leg
break/twist/sprain your ankle
Janet slipped on the stairs and twisted her ankle.
slender ankles

2. ankle socks/boots socks or boots that only come up to your ankle

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ADJ. bad, broken, injured, sprained, swollen, twisted | slender, slim, well-turned She has long legs and slender ankles.
VERB + ANKLE break, hurt, injure, sprain, turn, twist
ANKLE + NOUN boots, socks | injury | bone, joint, ligament
PHRASES ankle deep in sth We waded through the river, ankle deep in mud.

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