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anniversary /ˌænəˈvɜːsəri, ˌænɪˈvɜːsəri $ -ɜːr-/ noun (plural anniversaries) [countable]

سوگواری سالیانه ، جشن سالیانه عروسی ، مجلس یادبود یا جشن سالیانه ، جشن یادگاری
anniversary /ˌænəˈvɜːsəri, ˌænɪˈvɜːsəri $ -ɜːr-/ noun (plural anniversaries) [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: anniversarium, from Latin anniversarius 'returning each year', from annus (annual1) + vertere 'to turn']
a date on which something special or important happened in a previous year:
Jack and Kim celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in January.
anniversary of
A huge parade was held on the anniversary of the 1959 revolution.

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I. of an important event
ADJ. first, second, etc.
VERB + ANNIVERSARY celebrate, commemorate, mark They held celebrations to mark the anniversary of Mozart's death.
ANNIVERSARY + VERB be, fall The anniversary of the founding of the charity falls on 12th November.
PREP. on an/the ~ on the 20th anniversary of his death

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II. of a wedding
ADJ. first, second, etc. | wedding
PREP. on sb's ~ He bought her a diamond ring on their tenth wedding anniversary.
PHRASES a diamond, golden, silver, etc. wedding anniversary

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