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annoyed /əˈnɔɪd/ adjective

annoy: دلخورکردن ، ازردن ، رنجاندن ، اذیت کردن ، بستوه اوردن ، خشمگین کردن ، تحریک کردن ، مزاحم شدن
annoyed /əˈnɔɪd/ adjective
slightly angry Synonym : irritatedangry:
I’ll be annoyed if we don’t finish by eight.
be annoyed at/with somebody
She was annoyed with Duncan for forgetting to phone.
be annoyed about/by something
He was annoyed by her apparent indifference.
annoyed that
Mr Davies was annoyed that the books were missing.

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get | make sb His attitude made me extremely annoyed.
ADV. extremely, really, very | thoroughly | increasingly | faintly, a little, quite, rather, slightly, somewhat | clearly, obviously
PREP. about I was a little annoyed about the whole thing.
at We enjoyed the game but were rather annoyed at being beaten.
by I was quite annoyed by her remarks.
with Susan felt slightly annoyed with herself.

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BAD: I felt terribly annoyed with his lack of sensitivity.
GOOD: I felt terribly annoyed at his lack of sensitivity.

Usage Note:
annoyed with/at sb : 'She's annoyed with you for not answering her letters.'
annoyed at/about sth : 'The thing that I'm really annoyed about is that nobody told me.'

BAD: She annoyed that I hadn't waited for her.
GOOD: She was annoyed that I hadn't waited for her.

Usage Note:
be/get annoyed : 'My boss is always getting annoyed with me for some reason or other.'

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