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another /əˈnʌðə $ -ər/ determiner, pronoun

دیگری ، جدا ، علیحده ، یکی دیگر ، شخص دیگر
Synonyms: that, additional, added, else, farther, fresh, further, more, new, other
Related Words: second

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another S1 W1 /əˈnʌðə $ -ər/ determiner, pronoun

1. ADDITIONAL one more person or thing of the same type:
I’m going to have another cup of coffee.
There’ll be another bus along in a few minutes.
Buy two CDs and get another completely free.
another of
Is this another of your schemes to make money?
Not another word was spoken.
Oh look, there’s another one of those birds.
This misunderstanding is yet another example of bad communication (=there have already been several).
another 2/10/100 etc (=an additional amount or number)
We’ll have to wait another three weeks for the results.
There’s still another £100 to pay.

2. A DIFFERENT ONE not the same thing, person etc, but a different one:
They must have returned by another route.
We finally moved to another apartment.
I’m busy right now. Could you come back another time?
Helen resigned from her last job and has yet to find another.
another of
The gold watch was a present from another of his girlfriends.
from one ... to another
She spends the day rushing from one meeting to another.

3. one another used to say that two or more people or things do the same thing to each other or share a relationship:
They seem to love one another very much.
The streets are all at right angles to one another.

4. one ... or another used to say that there are many different types of something, or many possibilities, rather than being specific:
All the kids in this class have learning difficulties of one sort or another.
people who, for one reason or another, can’t have children

5. one after another used to talk about a series of similar things or events:
Small businesses have been collapsing one after another.

6. not another ... ! spoken used when a series of bad or annoying things have happened and something of the same type seems to have just happened again:
Oh no! Not another accident!

7. be another thing/matter used to suggest that something may not be true, possible, easy etc, after mentioning something that is:
It is true that his programme is original, though whether it is funny is quite another matter.
It is one thing to talk about ‘involving the students’; it is quite another thing to actually do this.

8. and another thing spoken used to introduce something additional that you want to say to someone about a different subject:
And another thing. You were late for work again this morning.

9. SIMILAR PERSON/THING used with the name of a well-known person, thing, event etc to mean someone or something else that is similar because they have the same good or bad qualities:
warnings that not enough has been done to prevent another Chernobyl
There’ll never be another Elvis Presley.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

BAD: Rio has another important sights such as the famous football stadium.
GOOD: Rio has other important sights such as the famous football stadium.

Usage Note:
another + singular: 'another child'
other + plural: 'other children'

BAD: He gave the class another homework.
GOOD: He gave the class some more homework.

Usage Note:
another + singular countable noun: 'We need another chair.'
(some) more + uncountable noun: 'We need (some) more furniture.'

BAD: I hate horror films. Let's watch another.
GOOD: I hate horror films. Let's watch something else.
BAD: If Henry is busy, get another man to help you.
GOOD: If Henry is busy, get someone else to help you.
BAD: Can't you use another's computer?
GOOD: Can't you use someone else's computer?

Usage Note:
When you mean 'a different person/thing/place', use someone else, something else, somewhere else : 'I got fed up with the job and decided to do something else.'

BAD: There is also another point that is worth mentioning.
GOOD: There is another point that is worth mentioning.
BAD: Also another way to lose weight is to eat less.
GOOD: Another way to lose weight is to eat less.

Usage Note:
another (NOT also another ): 'Another problem, of course, is finding a job.'

BAD: Families fall into two categories. One is the composite family; another is the nuclear family.
GOOD: Families fall into two categories. One is the composite family; the other is the nuclear family.

Usage Note:
When you are talking about two people or things, use the other (NOT another ): 'One of the twins is called Youki and the other is called Azusa.'

BAD: Without a car, it takes a long time to get from a place to another.
GOOD: Without a car, it takes a long time to get from one place to another.

Usage Note:
from one ... to another (NOT from a/an ... to another ): 'The job involves travelling from one country to another.'

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