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anxiety /æŋˈzaɪəti/ noun (plural anxieties)

ارنگ ، تشویش ، دل واپسی ، اضطراب ، اندیشه ، اشتیاق ، نگرانی ، روانشناسی: اضطراب
Synonyms: uneasiness, angst, apprehension, concern, foreboding, misgiving, nervousness, tension, trepidation, worry
Antonyms: security
Contrasted words: composure, equanimity, sangfroid, aplomb, confidence, self-possession, certainty, certitude, faith, trust
Related Words: doubt, mistrust, uncertainty, distress, misery, suffering, dread, panic
English Thesaurus: worry, concern, troubles, cares, hang-up, ...

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anxiety S3 W3 /æŋˈzaɪəti/ noun (plural anxieties)
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: anxietas, from anxius; anxious]

1. [uncountable and countable] the feeling of being very worried about something Synonym : concern
anxiety about/over
There is considerable anxiety among staff about job losses.
There is growing public anxiety over levels of air pollution in our cities.
deep/acute/great anxiety
The fear of unemployment can be a source of deep anxiety to people.
his feelings of anxiety
A high level of anxiety was created by the introduction of cameras into the factory.
It can help if you discuss your anxieties with someone.

2. [uncountable] a feeling of wanting to do something very much
anxiety to do something
I nearly fell in my anxiety to get downstairs quickly.

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ADJ. acute, considerable, deep, great | chronic, constant, nagging | growing, increasing, mounting | natural, understandable | needless, unnecessary | public
QUANT. level the high level of anxiety created by entering a new environment
VERB + ANXIETY arouse, bring, cause, create, provoke | lead to | experience, feel, suffer from She felt a nagging anxiety that could not be relieved.
express, share The mothers were able to share their anxieties with each other.
cope with, deal with skills to cope with anxiety
allay, alleviate, dispel, reduce, relieve The aim is to reduce anxiety and help the patients relax.
aggravate, increase
ANXIETY + VERB grow The more reports I study the more my anxiety grows.
arise (from/out of sth), surface A few anxieties surfaced during the meeting.
ANXIETY + NOUN attack | level
PREP. ~ about her growing anxiety about her health
~ at anxiety at the deterioration of relations between the powers
~ for deep anxiety for the whole family
~ over There are anxieties over the effects of unemployment.
PHRASES fear and anxiety They were encouraged to express their fears and anxieties.

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great/considerable anxiety
Then began a day of great anxiety.
acute/deep/high anxiety
The patient's panic attacks are caused by acute anxiety.
constant anxiety
She lives a life of constant anxiety over money and job security.
increasing/mounting anxiety
There is mounting anxiety about the rise in violent crime.
public anxiety
the wave of public anxiety about food safety
cause/create/lead to anxiety
Their nuclear programme is causing mounting anxiety among other nations, especially Israel.
arouse/provoke anxiety (=cause it)
The presence of Indian troops near the border has aroused considerable anxiety in neighbouring Pakistan.
feel/suffer from anxiety
The child may feel anxiety about being away from home.
reduce/relieve anxiety
The drug helps to reduce anxiety, allowing you to feel relaxed.
a source of anxiety
For many people, the primary source of anxiety is work.
somebody's level of anxiety
Patients experience high levels of anxiety at time of admission to hospital.
feelings of anxiety
Having an operation naturally entails feelings of anxiety.

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