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anywhere /ˈeniweə $ -wer/ (also anyplace) adverb

هرکجا ، هر جا
anywhere S1 W3 /ˈeniweə $ -wer/ (also anyplace American English) adverb

1. in or to any place:
Sit anywhere you like.
You can buy clothes like these anywhere.
I don’t want to live in London, but I’d be happy living anywhere else.

2. used in questions to mean ‘somewhere’:
Do you need anywhere to stay for the night?
Did you go anywhere exotic on vacation this year?
Have you been anywhere else in Spain?

3. used in negative sentences to mean no place:
I can’t find my passport anywhere.

4. not anywhere near
a) not at all near:
I wasn’t anywhere near him when he fell.
b) not at all:
I don’t think these figures are anywhere near accurate.

5. anywhere between one and ten/anywhere from one to ten etc used to mean any age, number, amount etc between the ones that you say:
She could have been anywhere between 45 and 60 years of age.
We can accommodate anywhere between 60 and 300 people.

6. not get anywhere informal to not be successful at all:
You won’t get anywhere without qualifications.

7. not get somebody anywhere informal if something does not get you anywhere, it does not change a situation or help you to achieve something:
You can try writing to complain, but I don’t think it will get you anywhere.

8. not be going anywhere informal to not be achieving success in your life:
He’s a nice enough lad, but he’s not going anywhere.

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BAD: This is a serious problem for teachers anywhere.
GOOD: This is a serious problem for teachers everywhere.
BAD: Computers will be anywhere we go.
GOOD: Computers will be everywhere we go.

Usage Note:
When you mean 'in/to all places', use everywhere (NOT anywhere ).

BAD: When it snows, it is difficult to go to anywhere.
GOOD: When it snows, it is difficult to go anywhere.

Usage Note:
See note at SOMEWHERE 2 (somewhere)

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