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apartment /əˈpɑːtmənt $ -ɑːr-/ noun [countable]

Synonyms: room, accommodation, flat, living quarters, penthouse, quarters, rooms, suite
English Thesaurus: house, detached house, semi-detached house, terraced house, townhouse, ...

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apartment S2 W3 /əˈpɑːtmənt $ -ɑːr-/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: appartement, from Italian appartamento, from appartare 'to put aside, separate']

1. especially American English a set of rooms on one floor of a large building, where someone lives Synonym : flat British English:
She lives in a small apartment.

2. [usually plural] a room or set of rooms used by an important person such as a president:
I had never been in the prince’s private apartments before.
the presidential apartments

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I. a flat
ADJ. large, spacious | small | comfortable, luxury | modern | one-bedroomed, two-bedroomed, etc. | studio | first-floor, second-floor, etc. | basement, penthouse | holiday, self-catering
VERB + APARTMENT buy | lease, rent We will be renting the apartment for a year.
live in, share, stay in I share an apartment with two friends.
look for I'm looking for an apartment on the east side of the city.
find | move into/out of
APARTMENT + NOUN block, building, complex, house high-rise apartment blocks

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II. apartments: set of rooms
ADJ. private, royal, state the private apartments of the imperial family

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a one-bedroom/two-bedroom etc apartment (also one-bedroomed/two-bedroomed apartment British English)
A tiny one-bedroom apartment was all she could afford.
a studio apartment (=with just one main room, which you use for sleeping, cooking, and eating)
Studio apartments can be a good option for those who want a cheap place in a good location.
a first-floor/second-floor etc apartment
We had a fourth-floor apartment, and it was difficult going up and down all those stairs.
a basement apartment (=below the level of the ground)
a dark basement apartment
a penthouse apartment (=on the top floor of a building)
She bought a penthouse apartment in Santa Monica.
a luxury apartment
The school has been converted into luxury apartments.
a furnished/unfurnished apartment (=with or without furniture)
a luxurious two-bedroomed unfurnished apartment situated in the heart of town
a holiday apartment British English, a vacation apartment American English
We rented a holiday apartment on Mallorca.
live in an apartment
He lived in a small apartment on the third floor.
buy/rent an apartment
Tom rented an apartment at the top of the building.
share an apartment
I’m sharing the apartment with a group of friends.
own an apartment
My parents own an apartment in Madrid.
move into/out of an apartment (=start living in a new apartment, or leave an apartment in order to live somewhere else)
They moved into the apartment last Easter.
an apartment building (also an apartment block British English, apartment house American English)
a five-storey apartment block
Our apartment building is the last block on the right, opposite the bank.
an apartment complex (=a group of buildings containing apartments)

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