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aplomb /əˈplɒm $ əˈplɑːm/ noun [uncountable]

حالت عمودی ، (مج). اطمینان بخود ، اعتماد بنفس
Synonyms: self-possession, calmness, composure, confidence, level-headedness, poise, sang-froid, self-assurance, self-confidence
Antonyms: shyness
Contrasted words: bewilderment, distraction, perplexity, befuddlement, confusion, fluster, fuddlement, discomfiture, embarrassment, perturbation
Related Idioms: presence of mind
Related Words: poise, savoir faire, coolness, imperturbability, levelheadedness, nonchalance, composure, ease, easiness, equanimity, sangfroid

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aplomb /əˈplɒm $ əˈplɑːm/ noun [uncountable] formal
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: 'quality of being perpendicular', from Old French a plomb 'according to the plumb line']
with aplomb in a confident and skilful way, especially when you have to deal with difficult problems or a difficult situation:
Ms Sharpe handled their questions with great aplomb.

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