appall ●○○○○
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ترساندن ، وحشت زده شدن
Synonyms: dismay, consternate, daunt, horrify, shake
Antonyms: embolden, nerve
Contrasted words: brace (up), buck up, cheer (up), assure, hearten, inspire, inspirit
Related Words: awe, faze, overawe

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ap·pall (ə-pôl)
tr.v. ap·palled, ap·pall·ing, ap·palls
To fill with consternation or dismay. See Synonyms at dismay.

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[Middle English apallen, to grow faint, from Old French apalir : a-, to (from Latin ad-. See ad-) + palir, to grow pale (from pale, pale, from Latin pallidus, from pallēre, to grow pale. See pel-1 in Indo-European Roots).]

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