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apparent /əˈpærənt/ adjective

ظاهری ، مشهود ، پیدا ، اشکار ، ظاهر ، معلوم ، وارث مسلم ، روانشناسی: ظاهری ، علوم هوایی: ظاهری ، علوم نظامی: قابل رویت
پزشکی: آشکار

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- obvious, discernible, distinct, evident, manifest, marked, unmistakable, visible
- seeming, ostensible, outward, superficial
Antonyms: inapparent, actual, real
Contrasted words: ambiguous, hidden, obscure, genuine, true, valid, basic, essential, fundamental, inherent, intrinsic
Related Idioms: plain as day, plain to be seen
Related Words: ponderable, noticeable, prominent, discernible, observable, perceivable, deceptive, delusive, delusory, misleading, credible, plausible, specious, factitious, fake, false, pseudo, sham, suppositious, supposititious

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apparent W2 AC /əˈpærənt/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: apparently; adjective: apparent]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin, present participle of apparere; appear]

1. easy to notice Synonym : obvious
it is apparent (that)
It soon became apparent that we had a major problem.
it is apparent from something that
It is apparent from scientific studies that the drug has some fairly nasty side effects.
it is apparent to somebody that
It was apparent to everyone that he was seriously ill.
The difference in quality was immediately apparent.
He left suddenly, for no apparent reason.

2. seeming to have a particular feeling or attitude, although this may not be true:
He did well in his exams, despite his apparent lack of interest in his work.

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VERBS be, seem | become It soon became apparent that the company was losing money.
make sth He made it apparent that he was very annoyed.
ADV. glaringly, strongly, very | fully, quite | increasingly | all too His unhappiness was all too apparent.
quickly, soon | immediately, instantly The extent of their injuries was not immediately apparent.
easily, readily | clearly | painfully Local suspicion of the incomers was painfully apparent.
PREP. to His lack of experience was quite apparent to everyone.

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